The Auto Agents exhibition catalogue was developed with the curators over a series of workshops at Bluecoat between July and October 2016. The first session took place in Bluecoat Library and began with the question "what do you use books for?". The following discussions revealed a set of playful and pragmatic rules that helped shape the content and design of the publication.

1. Contain little or no text.
2. Accessible to readers and non-readers.
3. Contain as little information on the exhibition as possible.
4. Use no photographs.
5. All content must be found or have been made at Bluecoat.
6. Reuse graphics from previous Bluecoat exhibition posters and invitations.
7. Must have multiple colours throughout.
8. Must be printed black.
9. Each copy should look and feel hand made.
10. These rules should be more or less followed.